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Venison Tacos

1-1  1/2 lb ground venison burger
1 packet of favorite taco seasoning
Chopped red or yellow onion
Shredded cheddar or mozzarella cheese
Chopped tomatoes
1 can sliced or whole olives
6-8 Corn or Flour tortillas (Cook corn tortillas in hot vegetable or olive oil for 5-8 seconds per side)
Sour cream or Guacamole for flavor
Add your favorite hot sauce or veggies

Cook burger until golden brown. Drain excess oil and add taco seasoning.  Add meat to tortillas along with your favorite toppings and serve.

Uncle Bob's Grilled Kokanee

Start grill on medium low to medium heat.
Use cookie sheet lined with a layer of foil.
Place Kokanee on foil.
Set cookie sheet on grill. the foil is to insulate the bottom of the fish from too much heat.

Mix together the following......
20 % olive oil
40 % Teriaki sauce
40% honey bbq sauce.

When Kokanee have cooked a few minutes, slip fork under skin, and remove top layer only. Do not disturb the bottom.
Drizzle sauce mixure liberally on exposed fish.
Shake on a little Johnnys seasoning and lightly pepper.
Continue to grill at low-medium temp until fish is done.
Serve promptly while warm.

BBQ Antelope Tenderloin


2 full length tenderloin strips
2 cups bbq sauce (use your favorite)
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
4 cloves fresh minced garlic
1 cup fresh or dried cranberries

Place tenderloin in bottom of crock pot. Sprinkle salt and pepper onto meat and rub.  Drizzle bbq sauce over top of meat.  Incorporate minced garlic and cranberries.  Cook on low heat for 6 hours.  After 3 hours turn loin.  Plate and serve with red potatoes and fresh garden salad or sides of your choice.


Venison Tacos











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